Minecraft: Education Edition

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THIS APP IS FOR SCHOOL USE: Minecraft: Education Edition licences can be purchased separately, and an Office 365 Education account is needed to log in. Talk to your teacher or IT administrator or find details on how to get started at https://aka.ms/meechromebook.

Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment. Educators around the world use Minecraft: Education Edition to engage students across subjects and bring abstract concepts to life.

Minecraft: Education Edition provides hundreds of standards-aligned lessons and STEM curricula, classroom-friendly features, how-to-play tutorials and inspiring build challenges.

“An excellent tool to engage students in learning, collaboration and critical thinking is now more accessible than ever to teachers.” – Common Sense Media

Designed for students of all learning styles, from infant to A level and higher education settings
Multiplayer feature with secure join codes enables students and educators to collaborate, create and problem-solve together across learning environments and platforms
In-game coding and chemistry tools bring STEM to life
Immersive Reader helps students read and translate in-game text
Hundreds of free lessons and tutorials available for all users in the in-game Library
Special features allow for formative assessment, teacher controls and classroom collaboration
An online community of global Minecraft educators provides support and inspiration

Learn how to code with Code Builder, which connects to MakeCode and Tynker
Build an in-game periodic table with the Chemistry Resource Pack
Explore more than 100 amazing Minecraft worlds to learn about marine biology, ancient history, space exploration and more
Features like the camera, book and quill, and chalkboards help students document their work
The 3D export tool integrates with mixed reality and 3D printing tools

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