Endless Nightmare

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Open beta released!

Be the first to play! Test your guts, overcome your fear, thriller begins, scream!
You are James, a police officer, your wife and daughter were brutally murdered at home. During your pursuing of the truth ian the house, something scary happened. What happens next in this scary house will be an endless nightmare for you…
Screenshot ImageImage source by 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
★ Investigate: You are James in game, you need to explore each area, keep your eyes open, search for clues, collect useful items, and find out who is the murderer.
★ Listen: Don’t just rely on your eyes! Listen carefully to the sounds around you. The horrible woman will make noises when approaching.
Collect parts of the gun to assemble and eliminate her!
★ Cure: Don’t worry about being stabbed by horrible woman, find medicine bottles in home to cure, you will survive!
★ Leave: Find out the murderer and survive to escape from the horror house with jumpscare.

image source by 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games

Screenshot Image

Screenshot Image
Endless Nightmare is a 3D terror ghost game for free, realistic graphics, scary sounds and jumpscare combine with puzzling storyline will take you into a creepy and exciting world! You can find lots of items and clues in the creepy house, they help you figure out truth of the case.
one eats that ice cream cake anymore.Please help her granny! Collect clues in the horror house to find the truth and escape from here!Screenshot Image

If you want a realistic and creepy horror ghost game, play this fun free terror and super scary game, we expect you complete the level, solve the case and outlast! Please stay tuned!
Overcome your fear! Thriller begins, scream begains! Let’s start your horror adventure!

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