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China vs India, Children & Kids Lifestyle

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Children & Kids Lifestyle-

[China vs India, Children & Kids Lifestyle] How many children grow up in India with the love of mother’s father and father, how many children grow and grow, but in our country parents here are naturally programmed to decide beforehand what they have to do to protect their children and to give a better future, The tradition and culture of every country are not the same, every country has its own different culture where childhood is pampered in our country with great pompousness, whereas in China,

the children there have been given strict military-level training since childhood. Hard Martial arts training is given to the children there. In our place, children are forbidden to go out in the sun, but this is not the case in China. Chinese mothers are making their children day and day children. Strongly and physically strong, but India’s mothers are keeping their children safe and Chinese mothers are making their children’s future, the aim of both is the same.

China vs India, Children & Kids Lifestyle
China vs India, Children & Kids Lifestyle

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Making a better tomorrow for your children Shaolin temple in Henan province of China, where the young children are seen standing in queue as soon as the sun rises, these little children are trained for 5 hours starting their workout. Stretching is caused by the stretching of these little ones is very difficult, they do their stretching by wrapping their bodies on top of the wooden logs and do many types of stretching even harder. It shows that the training of the ongoing kung fu schools in China crosses the human boundaries in many ways. Here small children of 5-7 years of childhood have pain. We are taught to bear these young innocent people from childhood. [China vs India, Children & Kids Lifestyle]

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These small children sometimes start crying while remembering their mother in the midst of training, but after this Shaolin master explain to these children, then the children calm down and start their training again one day wishing to become Shaolin master In the | These children increase their ability to balance while driving their kicks, blocks and punches, their ability to focus increases manifold, respecting elders comes in the behavior of Shaolin students

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Chinese children do not disrespect their teachers even in-jokes. Even in Chinese films, respect for their teacher is visible. In China schools, sanitation workers are not assigned. School children themselves keep the cleanliness of the school clean. Children have respect for the elders, which is not at all among the children of our country; In our country, children do not know how to respect the elders. )

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According to research, children who are addicted to exercise are not able to grow up and get addicted to drugs. We can say anything about this training in China, but perhaps because of this, China has never been enslaved to any western culture here. Never adopted and today China has made its place as a world power.

[China vs India, Children & Kids Lifestyle] It is known as a powerful nation. Raising children is common but today their master and elders Tra believe survived a very good practice to work on the children’s full Kutkutkr own saves you from having to rely on others drunk you can escape from black earnings variety

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God has given a lot of physical strength to the man to manage food, but the fulfillment of the drug is possible only through upper earning, in this case, the country will be corrupt and along with you, if you are taught all this in your childhood. [China vs India, Children & Kids Lifestyle]

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